A cookbook of Glass Recipies

Container Glass

Silica Sand 60%

Soda Ash 20%

Limestone 15%

Alumina-Silicate 4%

Salt Cake 0.9%

Minor Ingredients 0.1%


Preheat oven to 1500°C. Weigh out ingredients. Mix them with cullet (recycled glass). Pour mixture into the oven (furnace). Once the mixture has melted, transfer to a refiner for further heating. Flow the melted glass through a forehearth and cut into sections for forming. Pour the glass globs into metal moulds and place in a lehr oven. When stress areas are removed from the glass, remove from the oven. Cool, and fill the moulded glass with desired filling. Put a lid on the container and ship or use as required!

« But please remember, when you are done using this work of art, send it back to the Master Chef, that's me, Chevy, I make you a new one, real nice, you'll like it, again and again and again... My friend Ace is a regular here, you know. »

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