Imagine Business as a Forest

Germinating the seeds for a better, greener world begins …

A forest grows from the ground upwards, with nutrients in the soil that enable lichens and seeds to take hold and thrive.

Some plants become groundcover, others rise to catch the sun’s rays. Over time, with respect for Mother Nature’s rules and the right conditions, seedlings evolve into a young forest.

As the forest matures, it changes, with some species reaching to occupy the canopy.

Small and medium-sized businesses cover the ground and occupy the understory of the business forest. They interact with others, including bigger companies and multi-nationals, which operate high up in the canopy of the business forest. Many of these smaller companies either supply to or buy from these canopy businesses, in addition to others that exist at different levels in the business forest.

Just as different species fulfill niches in the forest, each size and type of business evolves a speciality, while remaining dependent on others to ensure a holistic, healthy economic system. To thrive, every business needs to optimize their own performance and the interdependency they have with others. To maintain the health and wealth of all the species that live within the boundary of the business forest, all need to rely on the optimal performance each other has.

E2M looks for synergy, combining creative thinking with management skills, science and common sense. Noted for the ability to discern patterns from seemingly disparate facts, E2M’s team operates using a systems approach and is renowned for weaving uncertainty into opportunity.

Begin with the end in mind
Through data collection, analysis, and synthesis, E2M addresses the challenges with mental models by asking tough questions. Insight from the answers enable clients to make better policy choices and take the actions needed from a systems perspective. New data is always monitored for feedback to ensure continual improvement or when necessary, a fundamental transformation.

The people who face adversity and undertake quests to address challenges do so because they believe they can make changes for the better, not because of a number or a fact. Belief drives action.

If you believe in:

  • the need for a livable, sustainable planet
  • ensuring your success by working with ethical, competent, and practical people
  • collaboration to achieve a resilient, prosperous green economy

then now is the time to boldly enter and help regenerate the forest.

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Pathway to the Future
Humanity is at an historic crossroad in time.

Those with the mindset of ‘business as usual’ or ‘things will return to normal’ are on the road to extinction. E2M sees the opportunity for a better path forward.

It’s time for a brave new world.

Our planet operates as a system. Everything humans have or do is supplied by Mother Nature. To enjoy a quality of life now and into the future, we need to emulate the processes established by the planet.

Pandemics, climate change, a loss of biodiversity; these are just some of the symptoms of the failure of humans to abide by the rules of Mother Nature. This has led to environmental, social and financial instability.

Change is never easy, although there are simple things that each of us, and our organizations, be they public or private, can do. Collaboration now is crucial; it must be based on trust and transparency that enable actions to navigate uncharted territory. We need to re-map our mental models, re-think what really matters, re-seed the floor of the business forest, and re-generate a new economy.

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Trust is a foundational component in this process of change.

Trust, based on shared ethical behaviour and competence, will enable society to survive challenging times with hope and a positive mental model. Without these attributes to set realistic systems goals, business, governments and societies will experience failure, even collapse.

There are benefits to following a common approach that enables better management control of the impacts that your business process has on the environment.

There can be no misunderstanding that failure to manage this relationship will result in a range of acute risks, such as pandemics, floods, or wildfires, when financial loss becomes secondary to the loss of all forms of life. At the same time, every decision maker needs to address the chronic issues, which humans too often fail to discern, such as pollution and the loss of biodiversity that undermines productivity and the quality of life.


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Are there other attributes that are similarly important to you?
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Small Business: The Forest Floor of the Business World

Small businesses are the backbone of most national economies. They are primary sources of innovation. They are the social fabric that weaves communities together. They hold the soil and the mycelium network of social wealth and health of the business forest. Without them, canopy companies will fail and fall. The same fate holds true for the communities in which small businesses are rooted.

Those who shape policy and decisions often ignore small business in the development of economic policy, giving preference to big-name companies. E2M believes that is a fundamental, monumental mistake, especially today.

Using Canadian statistics as an example, of the country’s total 1.2 million employer businesses, 1.18 million (97.9 percent) were small businesses, with fewer than 100 employees. In most industry sectors, micro-enterprises dominate, representing 57% of companies with fewer than 5 employees. As these statistics are paralleled in many countries around the world, small- and medium-sized businesses are critical in building a sustainable future.

E2M published a guide for small business owners in the manufacturing sector, which the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) shared on its website. Tracking of Going for the Green indicated more than 57,000 downloads, with outreach requests from Germany, Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Wales and France.

We are updating the guide to address the current challenges a small business faces. Share your ideas.

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