Services and Clients

E2M has operated as a network of international consultants since 1988, led by Lynn Johannson.

E2M has provided service to:

  • single private sector clients, in start-up situations and for well-established multi-nationals
  • multi-stakeholder organizations, networks and clusters, working towards a common goal, leveraging resources
  • educational institutions, including the creation of a new centre of excellence, with national and international presence
  • professional associations to establish curricula to enhance professional standing and understanding of sustainability
  • governments and governance bodies at the local, provincial, national and international levels on technical issues, policy and strategy
  • non-governmental bodies to help influence policy, develop standards and communicate innovative approaches

We have had the privilege of working for and with many organizations from around the world. These are just a few to show the range of our experience:
Asian Productivity Organization (APO – Japan, Taiwan (ROC), Malaysia), BAPEDAL (Indonesia), Campbell’s Soup (Canada), Consumers Glass (Canada), Domtar Packaging (Canada), Owens Illinois (Canada), NPC (Malaysia), Imperial Oil (Canada), Centre for Environmental Technology (Hong Kong), Environment Canada (ECCC), Commission on Environmental Cooperation, G16 (Canada), Industry Canada, Health Canada, Department of National Defence (Canada), Department of Foreign Affairs (GAC), John Deere Welland Works (Canada), Sustainability of the Planet (Sweden), Niagara College (Canada), Ontario Fire Safety Commission, Purchasing Management Association of Canada, Pollution Probe (Ontario), Secretaria de Recursos Naturales y Desarollo Sustenable, (Argentina), Tetra Pak (Canada), The Collaboration (Canada), World Wildlife Fund (Canada), MMCG LLC (Mongolia), UNEP, University of Waterloo (Canada) …

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Webinars, Workshops and Adult Learning

Lifelong learning should be a goal for everyone on the planet, as eco-illiteracy is a root cause of poor environmental and financial performance.

E2M has been offering webinars, workshops and adult learning programmes on subject matter related to environmental management, stakeholder engagement and sustainability for over 20 years. These opportunities are often offered as part of a business development plan, a larger consulting assignment, or a stakeholder engagement process.

E2M offers high end webinars and tailored workshops for select clients in educational institutions, government, for-profit entities and NGOs.

Some of the issues that have been covered include:

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS/ISO 14001)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategies, Standards
  • The informality/formality continuum, SMEs and standards
  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and
    ISO 14001
  • Green Finance
  • Systems Thinking
  • Green Productivity
  • Green Procurement

E2M also provides more detailed learning opportunities based on adult learning techniques, not ‘training’ as offered by many other entities.

This approach provides clients with objective evidence of knowledge and skills gained, along with changes in the attitude of learners to promote adoption of new behaviours and enhance the retention of learning.

Adult Learning

E2M’s president, Lynn Johannson, has created and led learning programmes for universities and colleges in North America. She and her team have developed longer term learning programmes for organizations around the world such as governments, multi-nationals, intergovernmental organizations, private sector clients, and professional associations.

She has written numerous guides for clients on a plethora of subjects centred on environmental management, includes a textbook, Handbook on Green Productivity and a companion pocket guide, Going for the Green, A Pocket Guide on Green Productivity. These are free to download.

Lynn produced an online educational pilot TV show for small business, similar in concept to a Ted Talk, for which she received an award from noted mycologist Paul Stamets. Lynn was also elected as a member of the RSA for her innovation of the EnviroReady Report process.