Webinars should be more than another on-line session of struggling to listen to a halo of talking heads.

A well-crafted webinar will give attendees an opportunity to collaborate, to develop a common understanding on challenging issues. While there has always been a place in business for webinars since the concept was first developed, because of Covid-required physical distancing and other limitations, webinars are coming into their own. When a webinar is thoughtfully planned and designed, it will give attendees a convenient mechanism to learn, to share, to collaborate, to be efficient, and all with a lower carbon footprint.

E2M has been producing webinars for over ten years. We believe they should be as entertaining as they are informative. We tackle each one in the same way television producers look at making a show. In fact, we did make a pilot, on-line TV show, similar in concept to a TEDTalk, but in reverse. We used a small theatre that seated a couple hundred people and opened the “doors” to 10,000 virtual viewers.

Bob McDonald, host of CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” was our Moderator. There were speakers of international renown, like Paul Stamets, a noted mycologist, and there were small business owners, like Barbara Kay, who was the co-founder of Ontario’s first 100 Mile Market. Outside of theatre, we used the exhibition spaces for an EcoFair, so everyone who attended (whether in real life or virtually) could learn about innovative technologies, as well as share ideas and experiences.

Our webinars have always been highly rated by our clients, but that’s not enough. We believe in the relentless pursuit of doing better.

Our webinars address the interests and needs of our clients, so that we further their collaboration efforts on very specific issues.

We have also opened the door to broader audiences. Sometimes we invite pre-determined stakeholders to join us for specific purposes. On occasion, a session is open to anyone interested in collaborating on important issues. These have included accelerating action on climate change, resolving challenges related to environmental management, and addressing strategies and tactics to combat ‘greenwashing’. Some webinars are free, while others carry a charge as part of a stakeholder engagement process.

To create something new … join The Collaboration on June 29th 8 am EDT or 12 pm EDT when we are starting an investigation into the value proposition and evolving norms of audits.

While our core focus is on auditing management systems, there are lessons to be learned from other disciplines and other audit professionals. ​

​Covid, in part, has driven a rethink of audits. ​
Virtual? Hybrids? New technologies to support site audits?​
Can audits be more engaging? Enhance learning?​
When business unusual needs to become the new norm, will this drive the need for a more systems oriented audit process.​
What new skills are needed?​
What will become ‘best practice’? ​

You should attend this webinar if you are:​

  • responsible for a management systems such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001 or ISO 45001, etc.​
  • accountable for procurement and hiring audit entities for your organization​
  • an investor looking for trends in better data upon which to make investment decisions. ​
  • an auditor (from any discipline) with unique skills and experience.​
  • an accountant with an interest in bridging accounting and management system skills​
  • a regulator or policy maker and want to better understand the market’s need for greater value, more efficient approaches​

Choose your preferred date and time, and provide you first and last name and your email. We have a capacity limit per session, so register now!

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